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A few months ago I told one of my friends that I want everyone to put a sign in front of their house once they had been vaccinated so I could drive around the neighbourhood and hug everyone once I got my shot.

(I know, I know... hugging won't be a thing for awhile!).

Her response was that she wouldn't put a sign up because she has some friends who are anti-vax and she wouldn't want to get in an argument about it.

Honestly, my head almost exploded.

We have a relatively small group of people who refuse to believe in science and choose to instead buy into every insane YouTube video they watch, and we're the ones embarrassed to promote a vaccine... the only thing that's going to get the whole planet back to normal???

Nope.  No thank you.  Not on my watch.

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed/upset/outraged I got and I started picturing every single person in the country wearing a t-shirt proudly proclaiming that they had decided to be responsible citizens and get themselves vaccinated.

Let's make the pro-science, pro-community, pro-responsibility, pro-commonsense voice the loudest one out there.

Get the shot, buy the t-shirt.

Coralynn Gehl
Wife, Mom, Accidental Activist